A simple testimony from a Leisure Suite condo unit owner

My husband and I own a condo unit at Alta Monte Subdivision for the past several years and up to present. We can’t be happier the choice we made, it is truly our home away from home, we feel safe and well-guarded/secured 24/7. Alta Monte is very convenient to most restaurants in Tagaytay City, close to markets and grocery stores. We don’t get bored because casino is few minutes away and always open…The weather of Tagaytay is a big plus to us, comfortable whole year round…Clubhouse is available that can accommodate large party/reception. Wide roads and sidewalks allow us to do our daily walking…Over all…A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS AND A GREAT INVESTMENT!!!!

Testimonials from Divison Sales Managers:

First of all, I would like to extend my profound gratitude for giving me a chance to express my heartfelt thanks to the company I have been with since 1992, the Don Tim Development Corporation, who believes in me and supporting me, exactly for 23 years now.

Don Tim Development Corporation taught me the art of marketing skills and strategies, since I was a teacher by profession when I started selling their projects in the south, and it did very well on me until I became a Professional Licensed Real Estate Broker. Since then, the company opened so many opportunities in my life, not only on the career side, but also to the personal aspect of my being, thereby achieving my goals and fulfilling some of my dreams, and I can’t thank them enough for that.

In conclusion, aside from the Awards and Recognitions given to me, a better future bestowed upon my children, the help I got to keep my sanity and perspective when the going was rough, I found the greatest of them all, a second home, and I am proud to be a member of the Don Tim Development Corporation family!

Hi! I am a division sales manager of don tim devt corp. Im connected with dtdc since 2004 up to present. Why? Simply because of the project, flexible and easy payment term, marketing support, good and on time release od commission and lastly the people behind and the staff of DTDC we are like one family,share each other ideas,very supportive and accomodating.

I started working at Don Tim Development Corporation October 2014 and made my first sale during our open house Oct 26. Easy selling because my company’s concern is to deliver quality and affordability of price and flexible terms of payment . Its really a “BEST BUY” investment in a well class subdivision. I’m proud I found a home,join us and feel the beauty being with DON TIM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION.